Обзор IDE

There is this plugin http://codelobster.com/yii.html

Select Plugins – Yii – Create Project

Type locations and the name of project

Location should be at your localhost webserver

Fill in all forms and press OK

Select Donload Yii and Press NEXT

CodeLobster will create database for you just type the database name which you want. If you have created it just type the name

Fill in all forms and press FINISH

If you’ve done everything ok wait for a few minutes. CodeLobster creates Yii project for you.

In console yii installation will ask you where install yii, just type yes

Then Yii project will open at Project Panel

Let’s create Login controller.

Create HelloController.php at protected/controllers and write this code


class HelloController extends CController


public function actionLogin()


//echo ‘Название новости’.$_GET[‘news_name’];

$model=new LoginForm;

// if it is ajax validation request

if(isset($_POST[‘ajax’]) && $_POST[‘ajax’]===’login-form’)


echo CActiveForm::validate($model);



// collect…

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