Gonzalo Ayuso | Web Architect

I’m going to face a project using a template engine with PHP. Because of that I’m will perform a small benchmark test of several PHP template engines. That’s not an exhaustive performance test. It’s only my personal test. Template engines has a lot of features but I normally only use a few of them and the other features very seldom. In this performance test I will check the same features under different template engines to see the syntax differences and the performance. The template engines selected for the test are Smarty, Twig and Haanga. Let’s start:

Smarty. v3.0.6
It’s probably the most famous template engine. It’s a mature project. For years it was “the” template engine and the others were the “alternatives”. It was famous because of the speed.

Twig. v1.0.0-RC1-8
It’s a new template engine developed by Fabien Potencier, the creator of the symfony framework. One…

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